about me

I've been programming since 1978, so in 35+ years I've been lucky enough to get my hands dirty on a wide range of hw (from small micros to the big iron), languages and their native idioms, design paradigms (with object oriented and aspect oriented being my favorite) and sw technologies. Along the track, I got a degree in computer science, published 100+ articles, etc.

I've designed mission-critical systems in a variety of application domains (medical, industrial automation, banking, finance, military, you name it :-). I tend to stay clear of canned architectures and build software that is tailored for the problem, the organization, and the people who'll grow it.

I'm following a path of learning and discovery. I'm fascinated with software design, which I consider misrepresented by contemporary practices and literature. My work on the physics of software is my latest shot at reaching a deeper understanding of software as a material to be shaped. 

I'm a half-decent runner, more at home in the woods than in a crowd.